Introducing the New Strapi Starter with Next.js 13, Tailwind, and TypeScript

Introducing the New Strapi Starter with Next.js 13, Tailwind, and TypeScript

Introducing the new Strapi Starter with Next.js 13, Tailwind, and TypeScript. Learn about the improvements it brings and the status of older Starters.

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Today, we’re excited to introduce our new Strapi Starter built with Next.js 13, Tailwind, and TypeScript.

This open-source project is a collaborative effort started with love by Trecia, Daniel, and Paul.

Strapi Starter with Next.js

Although we were all new to Next.js 13 and TypeScript then, we couldn’t wait to explore the fantastic new features that Next.js 13 brought to the table, including the app routes and server components. Learn more about all the new features here.

You can find the Strapi Starter on our GitHub repository here. Feel free to explore it and give it a star to stay updated with the latest updates and show your support! The back-end is deployed on Strapi Cloud and the front-end is hosted on Vercel. You can check it out here.

If you want to explore Strapi in a demo, you can also check out Foodadvisor here or download and run locally from GitHub.

In addition to serving as a foundation for your projects, we want to continue building on this Strapi Starter by introducing more examples of how to customize the Strapi back-end and add additional functionality. This way, you’ll have a comprehensive reference project to see what’s possible with Strapi.

What is the State of Older Starters?

We’d also like to address what this means for older Strapi starters. Due to limited bandwidth, we’ve decided to support only this new Strapi Starter officially, and all other starters will be archived.

While this was a difficult choice, we believe it’s best for the community. Our current bandwidth only allows us to maintain one project. If you are an organization and would like to maintain one of our older starters, let us know.

We’d rather focus on providing a single example showcasing more customizations and possibilities within Strapi itself instead of creating multiple Strapi projects with no customizations for different front-end frameworks.


As a community-driven project, we aim to provide a solid starting point for your projects and build something together as a community.

We encourage you to add suggestions, create issues, and make pull requests in the repository. Your contributions will help shape this project and make it even better.

If you come across an outdated tutorial that implements old Strapi starters, we encourage you to report it to the Strapi community repository. This will help the community ensure that tutorials and resources stay up-to-date with the latest Strapi Starter. By working together, we can create a more helpful and supportive community for all Strapi users.

Wrap Up

So, join us in making this Strapi Starter the best it can be! Together, we can create a project that helps us learn and grow as developers and empowers others to build amazing applications using Strapi.

If you have questions or want to connect with the community, join us on Discord. Happy coding!